What exactly is mobile app marketing?

So you have successfully created an app. Not only that, you have also managed to understand how app analytics work. What do you do next? Let me give you a hint; this is where mobile app marketing comes in. What is the purpose of collecting all sorts of data? Basically, you want to be able to study the data and understand trends and use your findings to help your app perform better, right? Well this is where the role of mobile app marketing comes in- you simply use the data that you have collected in order to be able to use it to your app’s maximum benefit.

Mobile app marketing must not be mistaken for marketing used for conventional products. Understand that the dynamics of mobile app marketing are very, very different. In order for you to successfully devise a mobile app marketing strategy, you MUST be able to first understand the true essence of mobile app marketing and comprehend how exactly it works.

Mobile app marketing has two primary segments discussed below. They make up the true essence of mobile app marketing:

Acquiring new customers via advertising on third party apps and websites:

In order for your app to grow, you obviously need new users. This is one major component of mobile app marketing. There are several pathways you can use in order to attain this goal. You may use a multitude of different techniques which will help you increase your user base. Of course, one major factor affecting your efforts is whether or not you analyse your data properly. Do you know the main channels through which you generate traffic? Do you understand with complete clarity the basic requirements of your customers? How well do you know your target market? Answering these questions will determine whether or not you’re analyzing your data properly.

Retaining old customers:

So you’ve done a great job and have managed to attract many, many users. You feel satisfied at your progress and stop with your efforts. One fine day, you realise your current user count has dropped significantly. How did that happen? The answer is simple; you didn’t retain your users. The next big challenge for mobile app marketing is to ensure that existing users stay instead of leaving. This can be a lot more challenging than it seems. You see, in order to retain users, you need to make sure you remain interactive. You can use many different techniques including push notifications and bonuses or other similar attractions which may help capture the attention of your users.

In the shortest of explanations, these two factors are what make up mobile app marketing. Understanding the two can significantly help your app and you can end up benefiting greatly from your knowledge of the two.