Top 5 app review sites for Android

App reviews are of paramount importance for any app’s success– that’s something every developer understands. What we as developers sometimes fail to understand is that there are different types of reviews, each kind being important in its own way. App review websites are one channel through which you can get your app reviewed not only by these websites but by the general public visiting these websites too. App review websites are highly useful for developers because they have the ability to get a lot of exposure to the apps that they decide to feature. Let’s take a look at some of the best free app review websites and see the features that make them excellent choices for you to get your app featured.

101 Best Android Apps:

This is a free app review website with a number of attractive features. It has a total of 6 tabs; today, yesterday, this week, this month, three months and all time. All these categories have different apps listed and reviewed in great detail. The best part about this website is perhaps the fact that it gets updated continuously yet it maintains a very good database as well. This means that once your app is reviewed here, the review will stay for a long time thus ensuring more exposure for your app.

Android App Storm:

This website takes a few similar apps and reviews them together in a blog post format. This is a good option for those developers who would like users to see their apps along with other apps of a similar nature. If you feel your app has a very strong unique selling point, this is the app review website for you. Keep in mind though that the content here is based entirely on text so it will only attract a certain user-base.

Android App Labs:

This website has a very friendly user interface and everything is displayed very, very carefully making it an extremely helpful website for app reviews. Your app will get a lot more exposure than you think if this website decides to feature your app and reviews it. The reviews come with actual screenshots of your app so users will get to see your app directly via this website.

Android Apps 360:

This website has a very minimalistic layout with lists visible on the app’s homepage. These lists contain names of iOS and Android apps and clicking on the names leads you to the reviews. The reviews themselves are extremely comprehensive as they utilize both infographics and text. The reviews also make use of video clips making the reviews a lot more attractive than they would be otherwise.

Android Central:

Android central is a website with a very clear layout where everything is right in front of you. The descriptions in the reviews are very detailed and comprehensive. Each review comes with a sort of ‘blurb’ that you can go through before actually reading through the entire review.

App review sites are crucial to your app’s success. The exposure that they can get you may not necessarily come with other channels. Therefore, it is very important that you choose the right site to get your app featured.