How To Handle Negative App Feedback

All developers want feedback on their apps– that’s a given, right? However, it’s human nature to always want positive  app feedback. We all like being praised. No matter how much a person says he is open to criticism, a part of him always wants to hear something good about his work. However, some people are better at handling criticism than others- that too is part of human nature. The question that arises here is that how does one handle criticism and negative feedback? Here are a few tips on how you can handle negative app review and actually end up benefitting from it.

Thank the author of the negative review:

Yes you got that right. Thank the person giving you a negative review. There will be many people who will just give positive reviews to avoid any conflict with you or because they simply do not care. Someone giving you a negative review is clearly doing so in order for certain features within your app to be improved. You need to thank this person. This user cares about your product and has risked offending you- something most people tend to avoid. This user, therefore, deserves respect. Communicating with him further might even allow you to make better changes to your app.

Admit the truth- whatever it may be:

It’s all right to have some glitches in your app. It’s okay if the app doesn’t work exactly how you had planned it to work. It isn’t, however, okay for you to deny that these faults exist. Many times, in our attempts to defend ourselves, we choose to stray far away from the truth. We try blinding ourselves with our own lies. That is something we should not be doing. While receiving negative feedback, we should be open to the idea of admitting what’s true, even if it means admitting our mistakes. Only when you admit your faults will you be able to rectify them.

Each review is beneficial:

Each review is sharing with you a certain flaw or problem present within your app. Negative reviews are the main source of information via which you can improve your app. They’re coming directly from users who have experienced your app and want to make it better. Also keep in mind that instead of spending time writing a review for your app, they simply could have shifted to another app. The fact that they didn’t shows that they care enough about your app to see it improve. Therefore, you must make the most of this criticism and use it to your benefit.

Negative app reviews have the capability to make an app what it can truly become only if developers learn how to take negative feedback well. With the help of negative feedback, any app’s shortcomings can be taken care of and the app can be made perfect.