Google Play Store Alternatives

While it is true that Google Play is the default App Store for millions of users worldwide, there’s no denying the fact that there are numerous other app stores out there that can offer your app a multitude of opportunities by increasing its exposure. There are many Google Play alternatives that you can use, some of which are listed below:

Amazon Appstore:

Amazon Appstore may not have the same large number of apps as other android stores do but it definitely is an app store worth publishing your app through. This is one platform that focuses not on the quantity of the apps it has but on the quality. The quality of the apps therefore compensates for the lack of diversity.


Mobogenie is an app store for games that is highly professional and is a platform with over 8 million registered users. With Mobogenie, users can not only use and download apps but can also create them. The Store supports Java and Android formats. App developers are able to publish their apps for free, but they must be registered. The only drawback is that apps can’t be monetized in this store.

Slide ME:

Slide ME is a very popular market which caters to an international market as well. One of the biggest strengths of this store is that every app that is submitted has to go through a quality check. This ensures that the apps that are put up here are high quality apps.  There are both free and paid apps, with plenty of options for payment. Developers can benefit from the huge international user base, and the smart search system makes it easier for the apps to be discovered.


Out of all the alternatives mentioned so far, GetJar is the oldest and one of the most viable App Stores. It has an intelligent mechanism through which it organizes the apps it has. A better way of browsing through this store is to do so via your desktop computer.


Apps can be uploaded at Mobango completely free and that is perhaps the biggest attraction that it offers to its users. This feature makes the store extremely popular among developers. Out of all App Stores for Android this one may be the easiest to get into, and the relatively small number of apps helps every developer get their share of spotlight.

These alternatives to Google Play can help developers a lot and can get apps the exposure that they truly need.