3 tips to promote your app in the app store

The App store is a complete world in its own; it has its own mechanisms and rules and regulations. It also has its own ways via which apps are promoted and their rankings improved. Of course, being a developer, you must be able to understand these mechanisms if you want your app to be successful. Let’s take a look at 3 of the best tips that you can follow to promote your app in the App Store.

Acquiring and keeping users:

With users, you need to aim for two things, the first being attracting and acquiring them and the second being actually keeping or retaining them. Both are of equal importance even though the latter may be taken a little lightly by quite a few developers. The higher the rate of retention you have, the higher your app will rank in the app store. This can only be done if you are interactive and keep conducting follow ups to see how your users feel about your app even after downloading it. Push notifications work well to remain interactive with your users post download but you must be careful with the fact that too many push notifications can be annoying for users and can actually result in making you lose your users.

Make high ratings and reviews:

While downloads are a great indicator of success when it comes to your app, downloads without reviews don’t have much of a standing. Reviews are crucial to the success of any app. Reviews contribute towards your overall app ranking as well and so they are extremely important. If you’re struggling to get reviews you can get help from third party sources that can easily help increase your reviews through their database of testers. Just make sure if you hire a third party source they are credible and don’t run their business selling fake reviews.

App Store Optimization:

You’ve heard of Search Engine Optimization for sure but have you heard of App Store Optimization? As suggested by its name, App Store Optimization is when you optimize your app to show up at a better position in searches. Just like with SEO, ASO works based on keywords. Keep in mind that for ASO to work it requires more of your time and efforts than your money. Basically, this is one source of promoting your app that does not need monetary investment as much as it needs physical efforts from your end.