Purchase App Review: The importance of app reviews and how to increase them

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Purchase App Review: The importance of app reviews and how to increase them

The importance of app reviews and how to increase them

Ratings and reviews are extremely important to any IOS app’s success, as any developer may know. Through an app’s ratings and reviews, one can determine how popular the app is and how interesting its features may be. They are, therefore, a key tool that developers can use in order to make their app more popular and viral.  App Store’s search engine is an entangled framework keeping in mind a ton of variables, including the app’s reviews. That implies that your application’s reviews straightforwardly influence your position in the search results. App Store’s most relevant lists incorporate important applications with high ratings, and other applications with lower ratings appear lower down the list. Any developer, therefore, would want his or her app to appear on top of the list.


Apple’s search algorithm, in the simplest of terms, focuses on a total of 5 main factors; the number of downloads in the previous hours, the number of downloads in the past few days, total reviews and average ratings, sales and user interaction. All of these factors combined determine whether or not Apple will deem an app attractive or not. This emphasizes on how important app reviews actually are.



App reviews also give other users a very personalized feedback from individuals who have already used the app. Your own description of your app’s features, for example, will not be as effective as another user’s opinion of the same features. This is because that person’s opinions will be considered to be unbiased and will thus be more trustworthy for individuals.

At the same time, negative reviews can significantly affect your apps overall ranking making it drop. They can also discourage other individuals from downloading your app.


All that being said, what can one do to increase positive reviews?

The first thing one can do is to localize the app in order to increase its reach locally. That will help get more reviews as well as more downloads.

apps localization can improve apps downloads

However, negative reviews can still remain to be an obstacle. A better way to avoid them is to ask users if they are satisfied. If they are, they should be led to the review page. If, however, they say they are not satisfied, they should be given a feedback form instead. That will work beneficially for both you and the user. The user will have given you his or her feedback which you can work on and you will have been saved from a negative review.

Finally, the services of certain companies can be attained in order to enhance reviews and downloads. The main thing to keep in mind here, however, is to ensure that you select an authentic firm and not fall prey to fraudulent firms who don’t really improve your app reviews or downloads in an effective manner.


Remember, reviews are the key to success when it comes to an app. They should not be ignored or taken lightly as the case may be in some situations.


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