The best app review sites for IOS developers.

The best app review sites for IOS developers.

The best app review sites for IOS developers.

Are you an IOS developer who wants to follow the best possible marketing strategies in order to make your app a success? Well then among many other things, you must absolutely incorporate one thing without which your app will not be able to perform that well; you must get your app reviewed on an app review site. There are a number of reasons why you need to get your app reviewed including better exposure and higher credibility. This brings us to one question- which app review sites are the best options for your IOS app? Let’s take a look at some of the best app review websites for your IOS app…


  • AppVee:


This site is a great platform for app reviews. They have a set pattern for app reviews; each review comes with a written review as well as a video detailing the smallest of elements present within the app. This is an excellent approach as videos can improve your users’ interest in the app significantly. The write-up alongside it can help cover anything that the video may have missed or vice versa.


  • Freshapps:


Freshapps allows for voting to be done for apps by a large number of developers and visitors on the site. This can be a source of great feedback for your app. Once you submit your app for votes, people can start giving their opinion about them thus resulting in a good channel of feedback for your app.


  • iPhoneAppPodcast:


Podcasts are pretty effective when it comes to quick and easy communication. Hence, this platform is the perfect platform if you want to focus on audio-visual aid for the promotion of your app. The website is updated daily, sometimes even multiple times a day, so there’s no outdated information anywhere on the site. The only drawback you may experience is that the videos are large in size and may take time to stream.


  • Apptism:


The best thing about Apptism is perhaps the fact that it has a very user friendly interface. Apptism also allows for apps to be compared by users thus enabling feedback regarding a certain app in comparison to an app that it might be competing against.


  • MacWorld:


Macworld gives you a very detailed review on each and every app and that is the best part about this site. While it is true that videos tend to be very effective in conveying messages, sometimes users may be looking for detailed text descriptions. MacWorld makes the descriptions better by including both pros and cons of the app being reviewed.

App review sites can significantly alter the popularity of your app by ensuring that a lot more people get to know about your app. They can also allow for your app to appear more credible thus making them a very important tool in any app’s marketing strategy.


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