Promoting your iPhone app in 5 easy ways

Promoting your iPhone app in 5 easy ways

Promoting your iPhone app in 5 easy ways.

Promoting your iPhone app can be as tricky as actually developing it. In fact, this can be even trickier because of the fact that the App store has millions of other apps, many of which will be similar to yours. With so many apps competing to be more successful than the other, you must keep in mind a couple of things that will be covered in this blog post.

Your unique content is important:

While there may be a hundred similar apps, keep in mind that there is going to be at least one element present within your app that’s going to make it different from others. This is your unique content and it must be highlighted more than all the other features of your app. You can do this by including relevant keywords, emphasizing on your unique features on social media and promoting it through other, more effective channels of promotion.

Do not underestimate internet press release sharing:

Internet press release sharing is something that isn’t always considered while promoting an app. However, internet press releases can be of crucial importance to an app’s success and mustn’t be taken non-seriously. You can choose from a number of free and paid press release sites on the internet. There are lots of sources where you can find the best possible sites for your press releases online. Make sure you conduct your research properly though and ensure that you invest in the right amount of time and money into the process.

Third party collaborations can be beneficial:

Getting a third party on board is almost always a good idea provided you don’t lose ownership of your venture. While promoting your iPhone app, third party collaborations can be very beneficial for you. For example, if you manage to get sponsors on board, not only will they be offering you some sponsorships, they will also try ensuring that your marketing plan is effective. You can also collaborate with other websites in order to promote your app.

Make a video and post it on YouTube:

Videos are crucial for your app to become a successful one. You may not see the direct link between a good video and the success of your app, but there definitely is a link. Videos can engage your users like no other channel of communication. Make sure that you have a YouTube channel so that you can promote your app on it.

Share your demo on social media:

Keep in mind that social media is your best friend. You can get your app all the exposure in the world if you just know how to promote it on social media. There are countless social media platforms that you can choose from including the most popular ones like Facebook an Instagram.

These tips can help you improve your app’s performance in the App Store and can help you promote your app effectively.


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