How to promote your IOS app

How to promote your IOS app

Promote IOS App

IOS apps are tricky to build but even trickier to promote and market effectively. Think of it this way; there are countless apps flooding the app store continuously these days. With such a great flow of apps there is obviously the daunting task of making sure your app stands out among the rest and that it does not get overshadowed by other apps. Keep in mind here that your app can be of excellent quality but still fail to perform well simply because it wasn’t promoted properly. Let’s take a look at some of the techniques you can use to promote your iOS app.

  1. Add, highlight and promote the unique materials and content:

    ios app promotion

    Unique contents for iOS and Android apps descriptions.

What is it that your iOS app offers that no other app does? How is your idea unique to all the similar ideas out there. Even if your app is based on a fairly common idea, you need to figure out your unique selling point or the one main factor that distinguishes your app from the rest. Once you have figured that out, all you have to do is ensure that you focus on that particular aspect of the app more than anything else. Highlight that aspect everywhere; make sure that is the first thing people learn about your app.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of Youtube as a promotion channel:

Promote your iOS app by youtube Videos

Promote your iOS app by youtube Videos


Videos can engage users far more than descriptions. They tend to be more attractive and can convey messages in a much better way while utilizing less time. The best part about videos is that they can manage to capture the attention of individuals who usually can’t concentrate on something for too long. With such users, lengthy texts explaining the benefits of your app won’t help as they will simply refuse to read them. With videos, however, you will be able to capture the attention of such individuals as well.

3. Create an online forum discussing some FAQs:

promote your iOS App by discussing in online forums.

There are numerous platforms where online forums can be created. This will allow you to add potential users and existing users to a group where you will be able to answer any questions that come your way. These frequently asked questions can also help other users who may have similar questions. This will make your app more popular among people who haven’t yet downloaded the app as well!

4. Seek for collaboration chances with writers, bloggers, and other famous influential people:

promote ios app by bloggers and writers

Such collaborations can help you out immensely. If your app is being recommended by a celebrity, chances are people will be more inclined to download it. Bloggers are also a channel of promotion particularly if their area of expertise is the same as what you are offering through your app. In fact, certain bloggers are so well reputed that individuals even follow the particularly to find out about new and interesting trends.

5.Create a newsletter:

popup nesletter in android or ios app to promote your games or apps

Your newsletter doesn’t have to be too long or extremely well detailed; it just needs to remind users of your app and encourage potential users to download the app. Of course, the content needs to be interesting, no matter how short it is. Make sure you market your app with a lot of subtlety in your newsletter; avoid extremely direct marketing.

These are some of the techniques you can use in order to promote your IOS app successfully. Of course, following up on your users’ feedback and continuously improving the app are key features that mustn’t be ignored at the same time.



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