PRIVACY POLICY GAMESMARKETING.ORG realizes the privacy issues of our site visitors. In particular, this site realizes the need to protect the privacy of personally identifiable data that are collected about our website visitors. Within the general policy, no personal information, like name, e-mail or usual address, is tacitly collected when you visit this website. GAMESMARKETING.ORG leaves the right to collect non-personal information so that the Web pages were able to be optimized for the visitor’s computer or mobile phone. This may include information about your Internet browser, about your operating system or the domain name of the service provider. Such data might also be used by this website to define the total number of our site visitors. The data that might be personally identified can only be voluntarily submitted. In the cases when such data are collected, the following principle is applied: How the Collected Data on this Site is Used except as stated in Privacy Policy, the personally identifiable data submitted by the visitors knowingly and voluntarily to GAMESMARKETING.ORG website is kept by this website and cannot be sold or transferred in any other way outside the company, unless the other option was chosen when the information was collected. USE OF COOKIES GAMESMARKETING.ORG does not utilize coolies to get any personal data of our users. NOTIFICATION GAMESMARKETING.ORG will inform you when it is collecting your personal information and that this information is being used. All the data are used in whole. No information that might be personally identified is may be communicated or used. EXPLANATION OF PRIVACY POLICY By using GAMESMARKETING.ORG you agree to the Privacy Policy of this website. If you do not agree with it, we would ask you not to use our site. GAMESMARKETING.ORG makes periodical reviews of its Privacy Policy and has the right to remove or modify this Policy at any time to its judgment. You would need to review this page sometimes so that you are aware of the changes that are made.


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