Plans to market an app

Plans to market an app

It is crucial to know at what stage the App is basically. The first is the pre-launch and the seconds is the post launch phase. Both of the stages has different marketing plans but once executed properly it can do wonders for the app. App launch marketing plan is not that hard but the first stage has to be completed before heading to the second stage.

Pre-launch App marketing plan should be assigned a week whereby all the activities should be planned accordingly.

Phase 1

The first thing to do lay the groundwork so in phase 1 strategic positioning, brand and web presence is important. Correct positioning is as critical as aiming your guns in the right direction at the start of an assault. Brand development is another aspect to focus upon, for any company branding is everything. Brand name, brand icon or logo is extremely imperative since that is the only option which attracts more downloads. App launch marketing plan should have creative ideas because once it is submitted it would not have changes and the you will regret it later. Since the initial downloads are crucial.

Phase 2

Furthermore, web presence in the age of social model is imperative and for an app marketing plan it is a necessary component.  A paid Facebook page would help to make it viral and the right twitter page at a minimum. They should be available to all the devices for an easy access.  

Phase 3

The next stage is blogging, PR, Video. A successful blog helps attract consumers and make them download the app. A modern social marketing and communications strategy helps build a strong App marketing plan. Viral videos and guerilla marketing are mostly B2C or B2B, they should be carefully executed because they can backfire. But if done properly can used perfectly.

When rigorous advertising takes place, basic viral ingredients will give a kick start the marketing. Strategic PR is also important such hiring PR to arrange events or high profile media events have high impact on the app marketing plan.Word of mouth makes ideas and apps go viral since people listen to the influencers.


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