Games Marketing Strategy: How to market your mobile game

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Games Marketing Strategy: How to market your mobile game

Games Marketing Strategy

How to market your mobile game


Marketing a game app is rather tricky not because games don’t capture the attention of people but because of the fact that for a game app to be downloaded, a certain hype has to be created. We have all heard of, seen and even played certain games after they became immensely popular. Had these games never become viral, quite a few of us would never have played them. The question is, how does one get to the point where his game becomes viral? Let’s take a look at a few elements of games marketing strategy that can be helpful.


Downloads and reviews:

You may be wondering how downloads and reviews are part of a marketing strategy as more often than not they are perceived to be the end result arising from marketing. While that statement is partially true, it’s not entirely true. Yes, eventually downloads and reviews are the end result of successful marketing but initially you may need to hire the services of a third party in order to get a boost in your reviews and downloads. There are quite a few companies that can help you with this. Once your downloads and reviews have been boosted to a certain level, they will start attracting more people without you having to make an effort.

The main aim behind this is the fact that you want a head-start. Availing the services of professionals in this regard won’t cost you as much in comparison to the benefits that it reaps you.

Clear objectives:

In order for your game app to be successful, it is of paramount importance that you have set very clear objectives. There should be no ambiguities and you and your team should be absolutely certain of what your objectives are.


A beneficial practice is to make sure that your objectives are in line with your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). This is important because you can have a hundred objectives but as long as these objectives aren’t quantifiable, they won’t help you attain what you plan on attaining. You need to quantify your goals so that you can see whether or not you’re going at the right pace and then make alterations accordingly.



A very common mistake that is made by people while trying to develop a games marketing strategy is that they tend to ignore deadlines. Planning a timeline way ahead of time is crucial to the success of an app.

You must be absolutely certain when you will be reaching certain goals of yours in the form of a clear timeline. Without a timeline to help you out, you won’t remain on track in terms of time. You won’t be able to keep track of your progress and you won’t know whether you’re going too fast or too slow. The following are a few important events that you should have in your timeline:


  1. Soft launch
  2. Hard launch
  3. Updates to your game

With a clear picture of the aforementioned, for example, you’ll have set deadlines for yourself and your team.


games marketing strategy

Finally, you must keep track of your success and keep analyzing everything. For example, it’s a good idea to track down the source of your most frequent downloads. This will help you study the best game marketing strategies for that particular source and you will find yourself at an advantage.

Eventually, your first versatile marketing strategy is a piece of a bigger, progressing procedure and iterative system. By putting each phase of your arrangement into work on, analyzing performance and changing for the following stage, you’ll have the capacity to keep achieving new clients and developing income for your mobile game for quite a long time to come.

A games marketing strategy needs to be very carefully developed keeping in mind numerous elements in mind. Failure to do so can have dire consequences for the success of your app.


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