iOS App promotion

iOS App promotion


IOS app promotion is not a difficult science to learn. Once the app is downloaded the next big step to take is how to promote the respective app. It is not a hard and fast to rule as which step to use first since it is mostly a mind game and intensive research of the customers.


  • Online Presence


An online presence is optional not entirely necessary. The app will be available for online but uploading from scratch and getting many downloads is not difficult but a long process. Hence, having an online presence and people following you makes it easier for an iOS app promotion. Having followers better than starting from zero.

2- Mining

When you launch an App you should have a clear understanding of what your competitors have launched up till now and then what reviews are your own app getting. Platforms like Sensor tower makes it easier to know the reviews, search reviews.  


  • Keywords


Choosing the right name with the right keywords does wonders. When submitting your iOS app, you’ll also need an “extended name.” Your app name and a few keywords (like a condensed tagline) to make it clear what your app is about.


  • Websites and blogs


You should know when to launch the website and when is the right time to make it accessible for the fans. Website can evolve overtime. You can later on add blogs or add download links and eventually add reviews for iOS app promotion.


  • Localization


Localization is important since google play gives an option of translating the description into different languages and making it accessible to different countries so the downloads increases.


  • Word of mouth


Online marketing is not the only option to market the iOS apps. Word of mouth is important for the promotion, meeting other people at conferences, exhibitions and meetups. Exhibition booths are a good way to target the required audience.



  • Make it free


Downloading the app for free makes an iOS app promotion more accessible to fans. Hence, you can always put a price on your app, but encourage downloading for free at lunch.


  • ASO


Known as App store optimization making it easier to search and bring quality traffic.


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