How to improve your app ranking in appstore

How to improve your app ranking in appstore

How to improve your app ranking in appstore


If you’re a developer, you surely understand that making your app visible and accessible is of paramount importance. Getting your app’s ranking up in the Appstore is something that requires a bit of attention to detail in certain aspects of your app’s development. Here are a few things that you can incorporate in your app’s promotion to ensure that the app gets a higher ranking.


  • Be informed about similar apps:

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While it’s a huge benefit for your app to be one of its kind, chances are that there may be similar apps. Look for similar, popular apps. See the keywords they use and the app marketing tools they incorporate. The purpose isn’t to replicate what these apps are doing; it is to make sure that you know exactly how to stand out.


  • Make sure you have a powerful description:

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    ASO Based Description


If you’ve worked very hard to develop your app (which you probably have) you must present it in the best possible way to the world. People will first get to know about your app via the description. Your description must have the ability to immediately capture a user’s attention and that can only be done if you highlight the problem your app solves. Make sure your description is concise yet it conveys your message effectively.


  • Your icon matters!


Catchy App Icon Design


The first thing your users will see is your app’s icon. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to have an icon that is extremely catchy and attractive. Your icon must be designed keeping in mind the basics of consumer psychology. Colors, patterns and shapes all play a crucial role in the attractiveness of an image and that is exactly what you have to focus on getting right.


  • Add social features:

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The world is all about social media these days. Adding social features, such as options to share results on Facebook or Twitter will add to the attractiveness of your app which will result in a higher app ranking for you. This feature will allow your users to share their experiences with your app online resulting in more downloads and higher rankings.


  • Give credit to your developers:


Mentioning your developers will gain your app more credibility from Apple. If your developers have numerous successful apps already functioning, your app’s credibility will automatically increase. Even if your developers don’t have a lot of apps up and running, mentioning them will help you out in the long run.


  • Analyse the results:


Studying the results that you keep receiving is of paramount importance. You must study your feedback carefully and analyse it so that you can act on it. Remember, feedback is only important if you react positively to it. Without any action, the purpose of getting feedback gets defeated.



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