How to make your app go up the ranks in iTunes

How to make your app go up the ranks in iTunes

How to make your app go up the ranks in iTunes:

Getting your app to climb up the ranks in iTunes can definitely be a bit tricky. This is exactly why you need to keep in mind a few tips and tricks that can help your app significantly. Even though Android’s market share is much higher than that of iOS. However, store revenue is still higher for iOS. At present, there are over 1.2 million apps available on iTunes. This is where the difficult part arises; how do you make your app stand out among these 1.2 million apps? Here are a few things that can help your app go up the ranks by standing out from the rest.

Evaluate other similar apps:

Chances are, there will be apps similar to yours. Instead of ignoring their existence, it is a better idea if you study them carefully and see how they are better than your app or how they manage certain things that you could improve on. Take your keywords, search for them in iTunes and see how other similar apps are using the same keywords. This can help you with your app significantly.

The app’s name matters:

Your app’s name is of paramount importance and this is a step that must not be taken before conducting a lot of research. If you have an app with a name that numerous other apps have, it will be very difficult for your app to get the attention you mean for it to get.  Pick a title that corresponds to the most popular search terms in iTunes as this will make it much easier for your users to search for your app.

Screenshots can help:

It may not seem like it but screenshots can positively impact your app’s ranking. The impact may not be very significant, but it is definitely a positive impact. Take some time out to add screenshots to your description so that users can have a direct look at what the app is like before they download it.

Give credit where it’s due:

It is important to give credit where it is due. Mention your developers as it adds more credibility to your app. If the developer has worked on big projects previously, your app’s credibility will improve automatically. Even if the developer hasn’t previously created a lot of apps, adding the developer’s name will make your app perceived as a more reliable app by users.

Put effort to optimize:

Both SEO and ASO are detrimental to an app’s success. Make sure you have the right keywords to make your app better optimized for the app store.

All of these factors can help your app significantly and can help increase the app’s ranking.


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