Is it a good idea to pay to promote your app

Is it a good idea to pay to promote your app

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Very often, developers face a very tough question concerning app promotion; whether or not to pay to promote the app. With so many different free channels of promotion, a number of individuals feel it’s unnecessary to pay to promote one’s app. That, however, is utterly incorrect. There are a multitude of factors influencing the promotion of an app and some of these factors most certainly require payments. If you’re still not entirely convinced that paying to promote your app is a good idea, let’s change your mind about that…

Complete control:

Very often, free channels of promotion will catch your attention. However, they won’t always serve you well. With paid channels of advertisement, you can be in complete control of the entire advertisement process. Advertisers can customize targeting, OS, geos, and choose the type of traffic. This kind of control cannot be found within free channels of advertisement. Moreover, putting in effort in free channels of promotion can be a little futile primarily because of the lack of control that advertisers have.

Paid advertisement channels will give you different kinds of tools:

There are certain tools crucial to an app’s success that will not be provided to you if you only rely on free channels of advertisement and promotion. For example, if you’re advertising through a paid channel, you will have retention rate tools which will tell you how many employees come back to your app after the initial download. There are also blacklisting tools which you can use to ban traffic coming from poor sources. By controlling the quality of your traffic you can promote your app in a much more effective way than you would have been able to otherwise.

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Tracking solutions can be collaborated with:

A number of platforms will allow you to integrate with tracing solutions. This isn’t something that you’ll be able to do if you haven’t used paid platforms. You may be wondering how this will be of help to you. The answer to that is simple; you can track your campaign’s performance effectively at any point during the campaign. This will give you much more control over your app and will allow you to promote your app successfully and effectively.

It is of paramount importance to understand that free channels will only help you reach a certain level, after which there will be several obstacles that you will have to face. Like any other thing in the modern world, you need to understand that the success of a campaign relies on the investment you make in it. The better your investment, the better the results.


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