Factors affecting ASO

Search Engine Optimization is something we have all heard of owing to its immense importance in the modern world. However, an equally important term gets ignored very often and we fail to give it the attention we normally should. App Store Optimization is somewhat like SEO except the fact that it focuses on App Store searches. The truth is, ASO is even more effective than SEO and it is definitely something all developers must focus on. How can a developer ensure that he can focus on ASO? The answer is rather simple; he needs to focus on elements that affect ASO. Let’s take a look at some of these factors and understand how they impact ASO.

Positive reviews:

The higher the number of positive reviews on an app, the better the app will be in terms of ASO. As we all know, positive reviews positively impact app rankings. When the app ranking goes up, it automatically starts showing up at a better position during any App Store searches. Getting positive reviews can sometimes be a tedious task. For this purpose, you can hire the services of a third party. However, be very careful with the methods that this third party uses to improve your reviews as fake reviews can affect your app adversely.

App downloads:

App downloads are, obviously, an indicator of how well the app is performing. Another impact app downloads have on your app is that the greater the downloads, the better the app’s ranking. You should aim at getting a good number of downloads. Again, a third party may be hired in order to market your app better so that you may increase the number of downloads for your app. Different channels of promotion can be utilized to enhance your app’s downloads.

Keyword relevance:

Keyword are the key to success. You must know how to be able to use them effectively in order for you to ensure that your app performs better. There are different websites that can help you find better and trending keywords. Use these tools to first identify relevant and popular keywords. After that, make sure you use them in your title and description. Keep in mind though that keyword stuffing isn’t what you’re looking for; use your keywords naturally without making it look like you’re trying too hard to stuff your keywords in a certain place.


Backlinks may be deemed useless by some people but the truth is quite the opposite. Studies and statistics have revealed that wherever backlinks are included, app rankings tend to be better. Keep in mind that these backlinks have to be relevant though. Using completely unrelated backlinks will only affect your app adversely and will do more damage than good for your app.

ASO is a tool that is underutilized at present but something that has the potential to significantly alter the position of your app on App Store searches. Using the aforementioned elements will help you attain some level of ASO.