Effective Ways to Boost the downloads of a New app

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Effective Ways to Boost the downloads of a New app

Effective Ways to Boost the downloads of a New app

There are a few steps after the upload to ensure that there is an increase in app downloads.



  • App Optimization App (AS0):


The first and important step is knowing what an ASO is basically. App store Optimization (ASO)is one of the most cost effective technique to increase app downloads. It makes an App discoverability and the ranking visible in the app store and attracts quality traffic, conversion rates and increases organic downloads.  


  • Create attractive and Icons


The first thing a downloader looks at is the app icon. A well designed icon will help an increase in app downloads. There games which are almost similar to the each other and it is the icon which differentiates it from other apps. The icon should match the genre of the game so much so that the downloader is forced to download it.


  • Content


A proper keyword research is conducted to increase the app download because the more the keywords, the easier will it to be to search the app. Hence, a rich addition of keywords would boost the download. This increases the app discoverability and provide descriptions with your app’s primary purpose and function.


  • Language


The best part of uploading a game is that before it is uploaded it gives an option of translating the basic description into different languages. The most common ones are Chinese, Korean, Spanish or French. Google play makes it easier for it to be accessible to different downloaders in different languages.


  • Social Media


Social media should be handled in a clever way. The social media platforms where apps tend to get the most attention are;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pin interest
  • LinkedIn
  • Foursquare

Engaging with the fans is crucial. Description for each game is important and it varies from game to game. A more adventurous game should promise an enthusiastic description. Or a sophisticated app should have more professional approach.


  • Creative imagery


By adding screenshots of your game makes it more appealing and increases download apps. A well edited imagery can boost the downloads of the app. Fans are more attracted towards it.


  • Media buying


Burst a campaign if the budget is available. It is a good way to create a buzz for your app.

These campaigns target genders, age, locations and hobbies etc. to target the customers. Once done they are frequently notified and increase the app download.



  • Reviews


Reviews are important because the more the reviews the fans would have a perception that it is authentic and interesting. It also gets a higher rating and increases the app downloads.


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