How to develop a successful app promotion campaign.

How to develop a successful app promotion campaign.

How to develop a successful app promotion campaign.

App promotion campaign (Promoting one’s app) can be as difficult as creating it, if not more. While it is true that there is no set way via which an app promotion campaign absolutely must be designed, there are certain basic elements that can be incorporated within an app marketing campaign to ensure that it performs successfully.  These are certain general points that can have a positive impact on the campaign if incorporated but can also affect the campaign adversely if missed out.

Mobile devices are your best friends:

games marketing campaign device friendly

SMS, QR Code Marketing

Basically, your app is heavily dependent on mobile devices (obviously). You therefore need to make sure that you use all the possible mobile communication channels that you can. These include QR-codes, SMS-codes and all other possible channels of communication that mobile phones support. You need to analyse your app and then see how to create target elements in the real world. For example, if your app focuses on shopping discounts, make sure you have QR codes printed and pasted at different outlets that you have collaborated with. Make sure that your attempts to reach out to your customer are very visible.

Social connections:

Apps promotion social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

There is more to social media networks than just groups and pages. Facebook and Twitter, for example, give you customized options for app-install advertisements. If you happen to use these specially created advertisements, you are bound to make your app more attractive and more accessible. This is particularly helpful in games promotion strategies. Of course, you need to ensure that your adverts reach the right target audience which you must select very carefully after in-depth research.  

Use different methods for different segments of the target audience:

app marketer your audience

Analysis Your Audience

You can’t expect Facebook marketing, emails and phone calls to work the same way for every single individual you target. You may be targeting someone who is very active when it comes to checking their email but hardly ever uses Facebook. Similarly, you may be targeting someone you’ll find online on Facebook all day but who has forgotten the password to their email account owing to the lack of use. The point here is that every group needs to be catered to separately. You absolutely must ensure that you divide your database accurately in order to be able to target your users appropriately.

Plan beforehand:

games marketing pre planned checklist

Generally, developers tend to follow very casual methods of working which is something that compliments the nature of their work completely. However, in this casual work attitude, one must not forget the importance of preplanning. Preplanning is a tool that must, under no circumstances, be ignored. It is the key to any app’s success. While preplanning, a number of questions must be answered. Developers must be sure of when the app is to be tested, when it is to have a beta launch and when the app is to finally be officially launched.

Purchase app reviews and downloads:

Boost Your Game Downloads and positive Reviews

Boost Your App Downloads and excellent ratings & Reviews

App reviews and downloads can be purchased via third party sources. These companies can easily help you work on your reviews, downloads and ratings. Of course, you must conduct some research beforehand to ensure that you don’t end up paying for a scam. As long as you have a company that will genuinely help you with your reviews and downloads, your app promotion game will remain strong.

It is important to ensure that all these factors are present, among many others, for an app to be promoted successfully and for an app promotion campaign to be effective,


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