How to develop a mind-blowing android app

How to develop a mind-blowing android app

How to develop a mind-blowing android app:

Developing an android app is a task that many developers are involved with these days. Due to the extremely high demand for android devices, the demand for android apps is also on the rise. However, with the increase in demand has come an increase in supply. Since so many developers are now working on android apps, a number of factor must be kept in mind in order for your app to be truly amazing. Here are some of the factors that can help make your app stand out:

Android design specifications are important:

A very common mistake that has been affecting developers is the fact that many base their apps on iOS design instead of following the design specifications for android. This also happens while developing both Android and iOS versions of an app. Developers end up believing that they can use the same code for both platforms and that is where they are wrong.

Keeping in mind users’ tech abilities matters:

You are designing your app for a certain group of people who may not have all the tech capabilities as you do. In fact, they are expected to not have very high tech capabilities while promoting most apps. You must know your users’ opinions on the app. For this, you need to conduct adequate research and implement any changes you become aware of while conducting the research.

Pay special attention to testing:

The worst mistake you can make is release your app without testing it properly first. The app must go through two different phases of testing; Alpha testing and Beta testing.

Alpha testing is the foremost stage of testing during which your app is used by a very small select group of developers and team members. Remember, this is the initial round of testing so it can only have so many people involved.

Followed by Alpha testing is Beta testing in which you make the app available to a small segment of your overall user-base. This is crucial because it allows you to get a lot of information that can help you out with your app.

Marketing matters:

A significant level of effort must be placed upon marketing your app properly. This means you absolutely have to ensure that you make your app appealing to the people you intend to share it with. To be able to do that, you definitely need to know how to properly market your app. Make sure you use the right marketing channels and tools in order to promote your app.

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