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How to achieve a successful games marketing strategy for Android apps?

Building an app is hassle free but Once an app is built the second important step is what steps should be taken to market the mobile App in order to successfully execute the games marketing strategy. It is crucial to know at what stage your app is basically.  Whether its at pre-launch, launch or post- [...]

3 pre-launch mobile app marketing mistakes that you must avoid like the plague.

3 pre-launch mobile app marketing mistakes that you must avoid like the plague.   Long, long ago, there was a time when competition on the App Store was limited. Imagine having to compete with only 500 more apps on the App Store- sounds great right? Well, in 2009, this was the scenario. However, in 2013, [...]

The Best ways to Boost App Downloads

The best ways to boost your app’s downloads   So you have accomplished the incredible task of creating your app. You’ve tested it multiple times and have had it tested by others too. Everything seems to be going really well except one thing; your app isn’t getting downloaded. Don’t fret though; this isn’t a problem [...]

Strategies for successful mobile app marketing

Strategies for successful mobile app marketing. Mobile app marketing is different from conventional marketing and tends to be a lot trickier and complex. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to get right; it just means that mobile app marketing needs to be planned a lot more strategically and has to incorporate several small elements that [...]

mobile app marketing

Mobile App Marketing Marketing a product or service can be pretty tricky. In the modern world, where many products and services are virtual in nature, marketing them successfully is even more difficult. A general misconception is that mobile app marketing does not require a complete and predefined marketing process. Since tech firms, particularly small ones, [...]

Is it a good idea to pay to promote your app

Promote Your APP Very often, developers face a very tough question concerning app promotion; whether or not to pay to promote the app. With so many different free channels of promotion, a number of individuals feel it’s unnecessary to pay to promote one’s app. That, however, is utterly incorrect. There are a multitude of factors [...]

How to improve your app ranking in appstore

How to improve your app ranking in appstore   If you’re a developer, you surely understand that making your app visible and accessible is of paramount importance. Getting your app’s ranking up in the Appstore is something that requires a bit of attention to detail in certain aspects of your app’s development. Here are a [...]

How to develop a successful app promotion campaign.

How to develop a successful app promotion campaign. App promotion campaign (Promoting one’s app) can be as difficult as creating it, if not more. While it is true that there is no set way via which an app promotion campaign absolutely must be designed, there are certain basic elements that can be incorporated within an [...]

How to promote your IOS app

Promote IOS App IOS apps are tricky to build but even trickier to promote and market effectively. Think of it this way; there are countless apps flooding the app store continuously these days. With such a great flow of apps there is obviously the daunting task of making sure your app stands out among the [...]

Purchase App Review: The importance of app reviews and how to increase them

The importance of app reviews and how to increase them Ratings and reviews are extremely important to any IOS app’s success, as any developer may know. Through an app’s ratings and reviews, one can determine how popular the app is and how interesting its features may be. They are, therefore, a key tool that developers [...]