Where Can We Buy Ios App Review and How it’s effect our app rating and rank?

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Where Can We Buy Ios App Review and How it’s effect our app rating and rank?

App Rating and Rank

Each individual who possesses an application needs to have high positioning on the Application Store. In any case, what is that about? Basically, positive reviews and comments would pull in more new users. While hunting down the new application users focus on the reviews and the quantity of stars and after that choose is whether download the application or not. The surveys and rankings additionally have an impact on the general discoverability and the aggregate positioning of the application.

We also can mathematically count the influence of reviews and rating on the ranking. For Apple that would be the number of installs during the past few hours plus the number of installs during the past few days plus rating and the number of reviews and plus how many times the app was opened plus the revenue. This proves that the rating and number of reviews really affects the ranking of an app.

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Chartboost also found that average rating influences app position in the search machine: the top ranking applications proved to have higher ratings. To improve your position on the store, you should get more high quality reviews and ratings. Most of the apps in the US App Store do not have a single review. Therefore, having more than five of them will create an average rating for your app. This has to become a crucial part of every marketers plan.

Considering the best apps on the list of the Store, it is obvious that high rating helps to move an application up the ranking. Sometimes, high rating won’t guarantee the ranking success. Actually speaking, looking at the list of top 100 applications, the major part of them has only 4 stars.

Number of installs is important for an application since having more users means getting higher revenues. They also play a crucial role in the App Store search algorithm. In that case, attention is paid to the ratio of active installs to the total number or the refund rate. This is especially important when the application is published for the first time and still needs numerous comments to create the app ranking.

To get more installs and to keep active installs it is important for the app to be well designed and thoroughly tested. Increasing the number of users is a complicated task; so, it is better to keep already existing ones. In order to stimulate the number of downloads one can write blogs, use advertising or create viral programs.

Pushing downloads and reviews to your app will help you get installs at a later stage. Because this is the stage that will determine if your app soars or gets lost in the search results.


Number of Downloads Tell A lot

Some iOS reviews show the number of downloads. This information is very important because it tells a person whether a particular app is loved by many people or not. For example, if the app has over 1 million downloads, it is a clear sign that it as a good app that meets the needs of many people. That is why it has many downloads. Nobody wants to download an app with poor functionality. By so doing, iOS reviews will promote apps in your app store.


Final Thought

In conclusion, reviews determine whether a particular app will be downloaded by users or not. The best reviews should be honest. Ratings are also important because any app with high rating is more likely to be downloaded by users when compared to one with low ratings.  All in all, you are encouraged to buy iOS reviews to promote apps in app store

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