The Best ways to Boost App Downloads

The Best ways to Boost App Downloads

The best ways to boost your app’s downloads


So you have accomplished the incredible task of creating your app. You’ve tested it multiple times and have had it tested by others too. Everything seems to be going really well except one thing; your app isn’t getting downloaded. Don’t fret though; this isn’t a problem only you face. A lot of developers face this issue after publishing their apps. With the help of a few tips, however, you can ensure higher downloads for your app (Boost app Downloads).

Create a very catchy icon:

Your app’s icon is the first thing that anyone will see. The app’s icon should give potential customers a good idea of what to expect once they download the app. It should, very clearly, represent your app. However, this does not mean that the icon should be cluttered with a lot of content or images neither should it be too flashy. Basically, you need to ensure that you’re smart with simplicity- that is perhaps the key to success behind the creation of a catchy app icon.

Your app’s name and description should be appropriate:

If you name a war strategy game ‘Princess Diaries’, you clearly aren’t doing justice to the game neither are you being fair to your potential customers. Your app’s name should be well thought out and should ideally be something you’ve come up with after effective research. Random names don’t work well; you need to ensure that you conduct an appropriate amount of research.

The description of your app is the first somewhat detailed idea that your potential users will get about the app. Since that is the case, you need to ensure that the description has the right number of keywords and that it conveys the message properly. It must be concise but easy to understand.

Pay attention to the user:

Paying attention to your user can only be done in one way; you must pay attention to analytics. Analytics are of paramount importance if you wish to act upon the feedback that you are getting. It is also crucially important for you to know which channel most of your users are actually coming from. This makes analytics the key to getting non-stop downloads.

Analytics can also help you understand user behaviors and any changes in these patterns from the point of download to the point of deletion. In a situation where the user eventually does delete the app, you can find out exactly why the user deleted the app and how you can avoid a similar situation with other users in the future.

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The aforementioned tips are some very basic factors that can boost app downloads no matter what kind of an app you have created. Of course, you may choose to dive deeper into research and figure out things specific to the kind of app you have created in order to attain even better results.

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