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We are a young International company and have made it our mission to make the promotion of mobile applications as simple, effective and inexpensive as possible. Our services build on innovative ideas and academic knowledge. Our company has years of experience in App Marketing and App Promotion. We maintain and improve our services continuously with the help of our competent and experienced team consisting of economists and programmers. Our valued customers benefit from our new and innovative ideas, the continuous improvement of our service and our low prices, which we are able to realize due to our years of experience. Announces App Downloads Services

GamesMarketing.Org has announced its reliable App Downloads services and packages that users can make the most out of and ensure that their apps make a mark with their target audience. App store optimization has gained in prominence in recent times and with good reason too. There is no point spending a great deal of money [...]

Promoting your iPhone app in 5 easy ways

Promoting your iPhone app in 5 easy ways. Promoting your iPhone app can be as tricky as actually developing it. In fact, this can be even trickier because of the fact that the App store has millions of other apps, many of which will be similar to yours. With so many apps competing to be [...]

How to increase app downloads

How to increase your app downloads. Once your app is up and functional, the next step crucial to its success is the app getting enough downloads and reviews. This part can be extremely tricky as a lot of developers believe that this is the part that’s beyond their control. However, that is not the case [...]

How to develop a mind-blowing android app

How to develop a mind-blowing android app: Developing an android app is a task that many developers are involved with these days. Due to the extremely high demand for android devices, the demand for android apps is also on the rise. However, with the increase in demand has come an increase in supply. Since so [...]

How to make your app go up the ranks in iTunes

How to make your app go up the ranks in iTunes: Getting your app to climb up the ranks in iTunes can definitely be a bit tricky. This is exactly why you need to keep in mind a few tips and tricks that can help your app significantly. Even though Android’s market share is much [...]

How to handle negative App Reviews | Feedback

How To Handle Negative App Feedback All developers want feedback on their apps- that’s a given, right? However, it’s human nature to always want positive  app feedback. We all like being praised. No matter how much a person says he is open to criticism, a part of him always wants to hear something good about [...]

Google Play Store Alternatives

Google Play Store Alternatives While it is true that Google Play is the default App Store for millions of users worldwide, there’s no denying the fact that there are numerous other app stores out there that can offer your app a multitude of opportunities by increasing its exposure. There are many Google Play alternatives that [...]

4 ways to promote your ios app

4 ways to promote your iOS app: Being a publisher in the modern world makes one face a multitude of challenges, the biggest one being having to promote an iOS app online. This is such a challenging task mainly because of the fact that there are countless competitors that an app has. Dealing with these [...]

3 tips to promote your app in the app store

3 tips to promote your app in the app store The App store is a complete world in its own; it has its own mechanisms and rules and regulations. It also has its own ways via which apps are promoted and their rankings improved. Of course, being a developer, you must be able to understand [...]

Top 5 app review sites for Android

Top 5 app review sites for Android App reviews are of paramount importance for any app’s success- that’s something every developer understands. What we as developers sometimes fail to understand is that there are different types of reviews, each kind being important in its own way. App review websites are one channel through which you [...]