App Store Optimization(ASO) Tips to Improve App Visibility

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App Store Optimization(ASO) Tips to Improve App Visibility

App Store Optimization is a very important process without which you will find it quite difficult for users to detect your app in the App Store given the multitude of Apps present. Below are some of the ultimate app store optimization tips you should take into consideration while undertaking ASO to get your app the proper recognition you intended for it to have.


Know what App Store Optimization entails

Just as Google has criteria for ranking Web sites listed on the results pages in the search engine for distinct keyword searches, so does the App Store for apps. This is the reason why you can make your app have a higher priority in the App Store search results pages by optimizing it. Your app will be undetectable in the app store if you disregard ASO same thing applies to websites as well.

ASO is not to be taken lightly as demonstrated by European Technographics Consumer Technology Online Survey, a whopping 63% of apps utilized and downloaded in the App Store are located by people perusing for apps.

Additionally, Tune, which is a mobile marketing platform, conducted a study as well revealing that while looking through the App Store, 47% of all iPhone users from America came across the most recent app they downloaded. This data indicates the relevance of ensuring your app is on the highest priority on search results page or has the highest rank on the list of people skimming through the store.

Infiltrate your customers

This is the framework behind any prosperous ASO approach. The questions you need to ask yourself are who you have designed your app for, which target audiences benefit from your app most and which issue your app has resolved for them.

The next course of action requires that you determine who can gain the most from using your app through market research. Performance of beneficial market research will suggest knowing the appeal your app has, the probability that it will be downloaded in the App Store and the features of your target demographic.

Select an appropriate app name

To assist in App Store Optimization, you have to ensure that the most significant keyword is in the App title, which is important because some users will base the decision to download your app based on the means with which you title the app.

Titles for apps in the App Store have an allowance of up to 255 characters and you can use this to your advantage to incorporate key phrases or words to show reasonably. Aspire to fit into the first 23 characters of your title all your relevant keywords seeing as the App Store will reduce the characters to that number on the search results or top charts page.

Create the ideal icon for your app

Humans are visual beings and as such you need to ensure that you should incorporate uniqueness when designing your app so that it can be striking enough in the App Store to capture attention as fast as possible. Make sure it is simple but still distinct because as we all know less is more!

Pen down a convincing App description

Make a lot of use of the keywords, putting in mind the briefness required of the description. Quote the statistics involving the number of downloads and people using it at the moment, even noting public figures or experts using it and give the app a strong impressionable description.

Headline screenshots

Think of displaying screen shots as advertisements for your app as evidenced by their prominent use in the App Store as laid out by Apple’s pages demonstrating app products. You get 5 images at most to upload, but only 3 will be displayed in the App Store gallery. These 3 images are going to be important in acting as optic selling points to your consumers. These screenshots should show the features of the app and how they appear on the phone screen and the app’s appearance on the phone.

Advertising your app

Consider including the aspect of SEO in your App Store Optimization for your product page in a bid to increase traffic so as to promote your app using social media, use of prominent blogs and paid search and link building. Use of App Indexing is a core element as well.

Engage non-English speaking customers

As much as the App Store indulges an American audience and the fact that the majority of the world’s population can communicate in English, the matter at hand remains that a great number of people in the world don’t speak English. A large number of the revenue generated from apps originates from Asia as compared to Europe and North America. Making your app English-dominant only is going to make you miss out on a lot of the world’s market.

 Preserve your ASO

Oversee your ASO and keep adjusting it with time and constantly working on it to ensure it remains upgraded. Take note of your ranking and of those of your opponents and also consider that new apps are being presented in the App Store daily and that is why you need to stay on top of your game!

Increase your ratings and app reviews

Ensure you get feedback and ratings from within the app by getting users to communicate their likes and dislikes and acting accordingly by improving the best features and working on the negative aspects. There are many ways on how to get app reviews and ratings, you can choose one you prefer. If you have enough budgets, you can also buy app reviews from real users to increase app ranking in App Store.