App Marketing Strategy: 3 things to keep in mind while marketing your IOS App

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App Marketing Strategy: 3 things to keep in mind while marketing your IOS App

App Marketing Strategy

3 things to keep in mind while marketing your IOS App

While developing a mind-blowing IOS App may be a very difficult task, an even more difficult task is to market that App successfully. However, with the right tips and tricks, that problem can easily be resolved. Let’s take a look at 3 of the many things present within apps marketing strategy that you absolutely must focus on if you want to successfully market your ios app. It must be kept in mind that this isn’t a step by step process and that there are quite a few more elements that can be incorporated to ensure a better app marketing strategy.

1. A good online presence:

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This fact shouldn’t come as a surprise as in order to successfully target your online audience you must first have a good online presence yourself. However, it is crucial to focus on building your online presence independent of the app you’re planning on marketing. There are numerous reasons behind that, the main one being the fact that it will help not only with this particular app but with any future ventures of yours too.

You can build your online presence through a number of mediums. The first step must be to develop a website. One of the reasons why people hesitate to develop their websites is the fact that they believe that the website needs to be an extremely fancy, state of the art website. That is just a misconception. Even if your website isn’t exactly the king of all websites, it will still contribute positively to your online presence.

After that, you need to ensure that you start connecting with people. To do this, you must be active on a number of platforms. Social media is what connects the world these days so you obviously must be active on most social media platforms. Facebook, being one of the most popular social media channels, has a number of groups that you can join which will help you connect to other entrepreneurs.

2. Market your app with a video:

A picture is worth a thousand words, so you can only imagine what the worth of a video must be. A video can help capture the attention of your audience with a lot of ease and can be a more effective tool in doing so as well.

app video promo help to gets downloads

It can enable you to help the visibility of your app, boost client engagement and maintenance, and help you attain more (qualified) downloads. All these benefits are exclusive of SEO and branding benefits, so you can only imagine the combined strength of the benefits of a video.

People are exceptionally busy these days, and they don’t have sufficient time to download each application they hear about. This is valid for cell phone clients and bloggers/writers alike. People aren’t interested in long descriptions either. A promo video enables you to explain to potential customers what your app is all about in a brief period of time.

3. Push notifications help a lot!

This is more of a post download app marketing strategy that can be implemented to ensure that people keep returning to your app.


By this time, your users have downloaded your app so it’s a given that they were motivated enough to download it. However, it isn’t uncommon to see that a person may have downloaded an app but never really opens it. To avoid that, you need to ensure that the app remains attractive. For the app to remain attractive, you need to keep telling your clients how awesome it is by sending them notifications for any new features or even to remind them to use the app again. Small bonuses can be attached to encourage your clients to return to the app.

The aforementioned tips can be utilized to improve your overall app marketing strategy and combined with other elements you can create ripples online with your IOS app.


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