3 pre-launch mobile app marketing mistakes that you must avoid like the plague.

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3 pre-launch mobile app marketing mistakes that you must avoid like the plague.

3 pre-launch mobile app marketing mistakes that you must avoid like the plague.


Long, long ago, there was a time when competition on the App Store was limited. Imagine having to compete with only 500 more apps on the App Store- sounds great right? Well, in 2009, this was the scenario. However, in 2013, this number went up to over 1 million Apps. All that added competition makes app marketing rather tricky and makes marketers prone to making mistakes that absolutely must be avoided. Let’s take a look at some pre-launch marketing pitfalls that you must avoid at any cost:

Inadequate investment in market research:

Market research is of paramount importance. It is your access to what your competitors are doing, how they’re doing certain things, what techniques they are employing, what their marketing strategies are and so on. Such quantities of data obviously require a good amount of investment-both monetary investment and investment of time dedicated to conducting this research. A huge mistake that you can make is to try and save money and time by not conducting proper research. Keep in mind that saving a little bit of money and time here can cost you a lot in the future. It’s best, therefore, to invest in market research at this very point in time. This way, you’ll be much better prepared for your app’s launch.

Insufficient beta testing:

What good is feedback if it’s coming from your own team only? Initial feedback from your team should be welcome but this should not be the only feedback you get prior to the launch of your app. You absolutely must invest in beta testing so that you have a better idea of where your app stands, what changes you need to make prior to the launch and how you can improve your app significantly.

Delaying the marketing process:

Because you may be focusing too much on the app development, you may tend to overlook the need to market your app for a long time. This is a big mistake that must be avoided.

Your marketing team must be updated about the development of the app from day 1- understand that these people are the ones who have to help the world understand what your app is about. If you don’t ensure that the marketing team knows every little detail about your app, how will you ensure your potential users will get a clear understanding of the app?

Pre-launch mistakes can go a long way and create problems for your app in the long run. It may get extremely difficult for you to rectify these mistakes after you’ve launched the app. Keep in mind that some very good apps have failed to perform well only because of errors made by their marketing teams.


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